How To Fix “Transaction Could Not be Processed at This Time Error” In Onlyfans?

How you can fix the "Transaction could not be processed at this time error" In Onlyfans?

How do you can fix the issue in Onlyfans 'transaction could not be processed at this time' error in Onlyfans
How do you can fix the issue in Onlyfans 'transaction could not be processed at this time' error in Onlyfans/ Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash

If you planning to pay Onlyfans creators, the subscription of Onlyfans is recurring so you have to enter your credit or debit card details. Sometimes your Credit or debit card payment wouldn't be successful, what could be the reason for this? There might be different problems that could cause this issue. In this article, we go through the whole process of why your transaction could not be processed at this time error means in Onlyfans and how you can solve it?

OnlyFans “Transaction could not be processed at this time” payment error message prompt when there is a billing issue due to the card information may be declined by the bank.

Follow the below solution steps to resolve the OnlyFans “Transaction could not be processed at this time” error.

Reasons why this error occurs.

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Following are some of the reasons why Onlyfans “transaction could not be processed at this time” error occurs:

  • Problems with your card such as insufficient funds or available credit, your account is closed or has been flagged for fraud, your payment is past due, or your card has expired or is restricted because of invalid activity. This is NOT a problem with Onlyfans.
  • Transaction declined by the bank due to invalid card information.
  • In some countries, the banks have stopped the payment to go to Onlyfans.
  • Prepaid cards, gift cards, PayPal, and other payment methods are not supported by OnlyFans.

Solution 1: Make sure to enter valid card information

  1. Step 1: Cancel the current transaction.
  2. Step 2: Enter valid Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, and American Express credit, or debit card information for subscribing.
  3. Step 3: Confirm your purchase with an additional temporary verification code or OTP (One-Time Password), or SMS code, or call your service provider to enable one of those options. Onlyfans uses a secure third-party payment provider and your payment information is not stored on the site, so you do not have to be worried about privacy.

Solution 2: Enable 3D Secure for your card

If your credit card is not 3D secure enabled, then your credit card will be rejected. Contact the bank to confirm whether your credit card is 3D Secure enabled.

Solution 3: Refer to OnlyFans Help

Visit OnlyFans Help Center > Tips > Tip not working for further action.

What does “successful liability shift for the enrolled card is required” mean on OnlyFans?

We have a whole video about this topic and we also have an article about this that shows why this message of "Successful liability shift for the enrolled card is required" means in Onlyfans. You can watch the whole video here: "Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card has Required" Means In Onlyfans

If you have a gift card then it is easy to add a gift card to your Onlyfans in adding a Card option but once you want to start subscribing to Onlyfans creators, you wouldn't be able to do it and it will show you the error message of "Successful liability shift for the enrolled card is required"

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Successful Liability Shift for enrolled card is required

Successful Liability Shift for an enrolled card is required[/caption]

Successful Liability Shift for the enrolled card is required

Most subscribers usually get this kind of error; “successful liability shift for the enrolled card is required”. This occurs mainly if your credit card isn’t 3D secure. To solve this problem, you can easily contact your bank to upgrade your credit card making it 3D secure.

Also, if you intend to make payments using a gift card, you will also face this problem. For this case, you can refer to the OnlyFans support center. The gift cards problem has been a long-standing issue on OnlyFans. This is because they don’t accept payment through gift cards. You can also refer to your bank to get more information.

This problem also occurs when there’s a lot of traffic on the OnlyFans server. In the past 3 years, OnlyFans has made a lot of progress. Millions of people use it in a day, thereby overloading the server.

Therefore, the principle to solve this problem is simple. If a card issuer confirms that a card upgraded to 3D secure and the cardholder authentication is approved, then the liability shifts from the merchant to the card issuer which in this case is your bank.