Does Work for Onlyfans in 2022?

Can you use credit or debit cards for Onlyfans? a detailed guide for creators and users.

Does Work for Onlyfans in 2022? / Should you use Privacy credit or debit card in Onlyfans? Can you do that?
Does Work for Onlyfans in 2022? / Should you use Privacy credit or debit card in Onlyfans? Can you do that? Photo by Dan Nelson / Unsplash

Onlyfans is a big platform where a lot of content creators have earned a lot of money and are still earning. Of the contents posted on Onlyfans, adult contents are the most successful.

Many people subscribe to accounts of adult content creators to get premium content. However, even though many people enjoy the adult content posted on the platform, they don't want people to know that they are the ones enjoying the content. Hence, they like to maintain privacy when they subscribe to adult content on the platform.

What is

Onlyfans is a platform where before you join, you will have to add a credit card. However, most people don't want Onlyfans on their credit card transactions. Hence, they opt for virtual credit cards. is a type of virtual card that you can use to securely make a subscription on Onlyfans. So, if you don’t want your Onlyfans to be on your credit card transaction, is the virtual card that you should use.

The virtual card is a payment mechanism that occurs just one time, and your identity is always secured from the person you are transacting with. It is a Virtual Credit Card generator that is linked to your original credit card, but your bank account and your credit card details are secured.

Does still work?

Many people have complained that they are having problems using to subscribe to Onlyfans in 2022. Many are even saying that virtual card cannot be used for Onlyfans subscription again. Does still work for Onlyfans in 2022?

Yes, virtual card still works for Onlyfans subscription in 2022. It is one of the best virtual card companies that give you the security to do transactions online without being exposed. The basic plan of is free, and you can generate 12 cards in a month for your transactions. However, if you can generate more than these, you can opt for two other plans.

Pro Plan pro plan is a plan for virtual cards which you should opt for as an individual if you can generate more than 12 cards in a month. This would make you more private with your transactions online. Also, you can generate up to 36 cards in a month. Also, you are eligible for transactions up to $4,500.

Team Plan

This is a plan on for virtual cards where you can generate up to 60 cards in a month. And they pay $25 for this plan in a month. This gives you everything you enjoy on the pro plan.

These plans can be used for more than Onlyfans platforms. If you have other subscriptions that you don’t want on your card. However, if you want to use it for only Onlyfans, you can go for the free and personal plan.

Benefits of using

Little or No Payment: To get a virtual card, you can use a free account or pro account which is just $10. And a team plan which us $25. Getting a virtual card from requires little or no payment to make your transactions online without being exposed. For instance, transactions on platforms such as Onlyfans, pornhub, and others.

Security: This is a huge benefit of using Your information remains safe without anyone having access to what you have subscribed to. For most people that subscribe to content that they don't want people to know that they have subscribed to, then using a virtual card from makes your transaction information secure. Also, your identity is very secure. No one would know who is making the subscription.

Saves You Money: virtual cards save you money. This is done through cashback and referrals. You get $5 on each referral you make. Also, on cashback, you get 1% on your monthly purchases.

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