Can We Get a Refund If We Cancel Your Onlyfans Subscription?

When you subscribe to Onlyfans, can you cancel the subscription and get a refund? how you as a user can place an Onlyfans chargeback dispute? Can you will be refund if you cancel your Onlyfans subscription?

Can We Get a Refund If We Cancel Your Onlyfans Subscription?
Can You get a refund on Onlyfans if you cancel your Subscription? 

I have subscribed to many Onlyfans creators and there were some creators who I think wasn't producing enough content, so I have two options; I can let them get paid or else I go for a chargeback. In Chargeback, if you think the creator didn't come true to her promise, you can dispute the transaction and asked Onlyfans for a refund.

Oftentimes as users we sign up at things that we believe we have a liking for it, however as time passes we learn that it wasn’t worth our time, effort, and most important all our precious hard-earned money. So what should you do if you follow an account, and later learn you wish to cancel a subscription of that account? The Onlyfans subscription is recurring which means that you will be charged on a monthly basis and in repeated order.

What is an Onlyfans subscription?

The way Onlyfans works is, creators can create a profile and put a small fee on the content which they produce. For the fans and followers to see the content, they will have to subscribe to that particular account to view their content. Unlike other platforms such as Netflix or HULU, you do not have a monthly subscription plan through which you can gain access to the entire library of content and pick the best video you’d wish to watch.

On Onlyfans, the creators have full autonomy. They can decide what kind of content they’d wish to place on their profile, how much they should charge, and so on. It is up to the user to follow that particular profile or not. If the user decides not to follow that profile, so be it. However, if they do, they will be paying for that profile.

When you subscribe to an Onlyfans creator, you have the access to consume all his content for one month of duration. Even if you cancel your subscription, you still can consume content of that Onlyfans creator till the deadline of your payment, because you have already paid for a one-month duration.

How to cancel the Onlyfans subscription?

To cancel the Onlyfans subscription of a creator account you follow, this step-by-step guide will help you to cancel the subscription:

  • Log into your Onlyfans account.
  • Open up the profile of the creator you no longer wish to pay for their content.
  • On the main profile, you will find an “Auto Renew” button. Clicking it will turn off the auto-renewal, and you will be successfully unsubscribed from that creator’s account.

Alternately, you can also contact the Onlyfans customer care to unfollow a user, you can do this with the following steps.

  • Open your email account, whichever you have used to sign up on Onlyfans.
  • Email:
  • Mention your profile username and a URL link to your profile.
  • Tell them you wish to cancel your subscription to the following creator’s account.
  • Contact team will do that for you after re-confirming.

Should you cancel an Onlyfans subscription?

It depends on the user solely. Depending upon their preference, or the kind of content they wish to see. If they are not getting the service they had hoped to sign up for, they should definitely try other creators on the platforms.

However please note that once you unsubscribe from a creator’s account, you will not be able to watch the exclusive content.

Can you get a refund on Onlyfans?

Unfortunately, No. you cannot get a refund on Onlyfans. Whenever you subscribe to the platform, the amount is immediately deducted off of your credit/debit card and is given directly to the creator you follow. Thus, getting a refund is not an option on Onlyfans however you can still request your reason for the refund at: and – the support team will see the reason behind your refund because oftentimes there can be a reason of fraud or the profile being catfish.

Should you place a dispute on Onlyfans?

While Onlyfans does not allow you to get a refund because eventually, you are not paying the platform but the content creator. Onlyfans does allow to be contacted in case there is a solid reason behind your refund however the process will lengthy and tedious. Therefore, it is advisable to fully ensure the creator is who they appear to be, and see the number of likes and followers they have on the platform. Usually, the catfishing accounts are those which have minimum followers and likes. As a whole, I advise you full caution.

There are some scammers on Onlyfans who just subscribe to a creator, consume all their content and then go for a Onlyfans chargeback. This isn't a good thing and I think we should support the creators.

If you subscribe to an Onlyfans creator and now you think you were wrong or you aren't getting the content you deserve, you can cancel your subscription but getting a refund from Onlyfans isn't going to happen. When you subscribe, you have the opportunity to consume all the content produced by that Onlyfans creator. Honestly, it takes you a week or two to consume almost all the content uploaded by that Onlyfans creator so getting a refund isn't an ideal solution here.

If you place a dispute, Onlyfans might side with the creator in this regard.

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